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---Post 13---

we'll rise and fade, like video tapes.

Alfie - Lily Allen (Music Video)

---Post 12---

shine on!

The Anchor Song - Bjork

Teenage Nausea - Honeydiu

---Post 11---

my loving you meant only heartaches

Pines - Men I Trust

---Post 10---

i must see annie tonight!

Honey (Where U At?) - NVTHVN

---Post 9---

come to the supermarket in old peking!

A Repetition - Jamie Paige

When the Fire Comes - Kero Kero Bonito

---Post 8---

i'm giving up on trying to sell you things that you ain't buying

Sinner (For Your Love) - Web Rumors

---Post 7---

it's all forgotten now

Chinatown - Barrie

---Post 6---

i was swept away

Saltwater - Bridal Party

---Post 5---

1! 2! 3! 4!

Lens - Highnoon


---Post 4---


Anyway Someway feat. Frenesi (Avec Avec Remix)


a spoon full of honey

Sylvia's Just a Dying Fad - The Scary Jokes

29/31 - Garfunkel & Oates

---Post 2---

remember central time!

Room with a View - Russ Morgan

Halcyon Age - Vansire

---Post 1---

oh my god you guys its really weird over here

Variations On A Cloud - Miracle Musical

City - Shook